Courses in English in the method of reservopedia/suggestopedia and creative classes for children and adults.

Together is a small independent studio for creative learning and English courses in the method of suggestopedia in Plovdiv founded by Elena Stoycheva in 2014.

In the “space” between you and me called “together, anyone can tap their creative and memory capacities. Together is the intersection between mind and heart!

Adults and youngsters can find inspiring courses here based on language learning, communication, idea generation and expressive creativity. 

Elena Stoycheva- Teaching and Art Therapy

As a teacher in the method of suggestopedia for 6 years, I started to develop new custom courses based on the method giving the perfect refinement to your communication skills.

I studied art therapy at NBU, giving me the strong foundation to integrate expressive art techniques in my classes in English both for learning and unlocking creativity.

Recently, I have developed a workshop based on easy learning and memorising school lessons using graphic recording and sketchnoting.



I believe that creative learning and expressive living will become a lifestyle so that people live more joyfully and mindfully!

I hope that in the long run Together will unite a small community so that a new generation of school will be founded based on interconnected subjects, empathy, contact with nature, learning through experience and freedom. 



Together is a project entirely created by Elena Stoycheva- including visual identity, courses, articles, products. 

Together is the place where you “can”. It is where you get long-term memory and experiential knowledge and creative opening up!

Look at the schedule and choose the best course for you and your children! 

Some of the courses warmly welcome foreigners since English is simply the language of communication and they give a far broader range.

Studio Together

Plovdiv, #9, Antim I str. fl. 2 


Studio Together with Elena Stoycheva,  Creative learning and expressive living